Covid-19 Protocols for teachers and students


Gov. DeSantis shared an update today. As of this Friday, June 5, gyms may operate at full capacity while adhering to physical distancing and sanitation requirements. We will be updating our Covid policies accordingly. Stay tuned!


With the governor allowing gyms to reopen Monday, May 18, 2020, we will be implementing some very strict Covid policies to ensure the health and safety of our staff and students. We have to assume that 1) everyone has been exposed to Covid and 2) students will be sweating and breathing heavily during class, which increases the risk to everyone, even when spaced six feet apart. We want to make the studio as safe as we can for our seniors, those who have auto-immune issues, and our children in our Mommy and Me classes, as well as everyone else. We would rather err on the side of strictness now rather than risk one of our students or staff getting sick.


I want to make it clear that we expect all our teachers and students to do what is best for their health first.
We support you 100 percent. If you feel it is appropriate for you to return to class, we welcome you! If you need to stay home, we encourage you to contact your teachers and deepen your home practice. Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Here is what is changing when we reopen:

1) Class size is limited to 10 or less at all times.

2) You will need to RSVP at least 24 hours ahead of time with your teacher, who will email you and call you to perform a verbal Covid screening and ask you to take your temperature. They may also email you the forms. You will be screened again when you arrive for class, so please take your temperature and fill out the screening form ahead of time. You will also need to sign a Covid liability waiver form.

3) You will need to wash or sanitize your hands when you enter the studio. Leave personal items locked in the trunk of your car.

4) Any bolster or pillow you use must be covered in its entirety with a pillowcase, which we are providing. Please deposit the pillowcases and used blankets in the laundry basket for washing and sanitization when you are done with class.

5) You may have already noticed the HEPA filter with UV light sanitization that we had installed prior to shutdown. We will continue to sanitize the air with the GermGuardian and supplement with ozone treatments when the studio is empty. Please keep the blue light on the GermGuardian at all times.

6) All the other normal cleaning stuff a yoga studio does.


We will post the class schedule on an erasable board in the studio, and online. There will be no paper flyers in the studio. Many other medical offices have eliminated paper and magazines in their offices as well and we expect this trend to continue for quite some time. 


We know that our policy is going to cause a lot of extra effort for our teachers and our students. But we think it's worth it to keep our yoga community safe and healthy. We hope that as the curve flattens, we can go back to business as usual. In the meantime, if we partner together with safety in mind we can start to enjoy in-person yoga and fitness once again.


We look forward to creating a better and stronger yoga community with you, and wish you the best. 



Chris Collins, owner
Nicole Noles Collins, owner and Acupuncture Physician

Covid-19 / pandemic policy                             Covid Liability Release Form                                 Covid Screening Questionaire

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