January classes

Tai Chi Flow with Chris
Get the benefits of Tai Chi without memorizing a form. Chris will lead
you through a repetitive series of
classic Tai Chi movements to gently improve balance and joint mobility.
Tai Chi Form with Nicole
Nicole teaches a classic 18-movement form meant to be practiced and memorized in a specific sequence.

Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation

Chris teaches a combination class that focuses on breathing techniques, mantra (spoken meditation) and silent meditation. 


Inner bliss for every body

At Ananda Yoga, we believe that yoga should be accessible for all ages and abilities. We welcome students from North Port, Venice, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Arcadia and beyond for a respite from your day-to-day stress and an appointment with a healthy, happy and serene you.

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A brief note about Ahimsa, Covid, and conspiracies

Many otherwise intelligent people have fallen for conspiracy theories regarding Covid, its infectiousness and actual existence. As a holistic medical professional, I do not source medical information from YouTube videoes, fraudulent / fictional documentaries, or fringe websites. I do not support people or organizations who choose to prey off other people's fear to generate attention and profits for themselves. The current wave of conspiracy theories, including Covid and other topics, has directly harmed not only the general public, but the yoga community. The agenda of discrediting medical professionals / scientific studies, protesting mask wearing, and reputiating general common sense has created a second wave of Covid that is outpacing the first wave from the spring and summer. This is in direct opposition of the prinicipal of Ahimsa, or non-violence toward all sentient beings. Social distancing and wearing a mask is a visible and compassionate form of this practice. It is also the only path forward to contain the virus and stop the spread at this time.
1) The virus itsef may be small (many people say the virus particles are too small to be filtered by a mask), but since it travels on droplets of moisture expelled from the nose and mouth, those droplets are larger and easily blocked by wearing a mask. It also reduces the viral load transmitted from person to person / surface.
2) Filtering / sanitizing the air and exchanging the air in a room several times a day may help reduce risk of transmission as does common sense cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
3) Viruses do not live outside a host for very long. Viruses need people in close quarters to spread and reproduce. Refusing to wear a mask or social distance is aiding and abetting the virus at the expense of your health and that of your fellow human beings.
We have taken a substantial financial loss due to Covid, but we believe gyms and yoga studios pose an especial risk right now unless everyone wears a mask at all times. We will not buy into unsubstantiated "hoax" theories as an excuse to keep our doors open. Money and our studio are replaceable; you are not. A reduced menu of classes with limited class sizes is available with precautions outlined on our Covid page, but may change at any time based on the current infection rates.
The best way to help preserve the yoga community and general public safety now is to refute the fear-based agenda of popular conspiracy sites that actively promote an agenda of paranoia. Please meditate on and practice the principle of ahimsa while you continue your yoga practice and encourage your circle of influence to do the same.
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